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Comprehensive College Advising

We know applying to college can feel daunting. But we're here to walk you through every step of the process, from crafting your college list and writing your essays to interview prep, strategic planning, and more. With our comprehensive package, you'll receive a personalized application timeline, expert guidance, and weekly 1x1 meetings with your consultant to ensure you stay on track. You'll have access to your consultant until you enroll!


Top colleges require more than good grades and test scores. But you can start differentiating yourself long before you apply to college. We specialize in character development and strategic positioning of your application. So we'll help you select the right courses, plan your SAT/ACT prep, cultivate your interests, and develop your extracurricular and leadership profiles. Ensure your application stands out, while building the skills and qualities that will ensure your success long into the future!  

Final Application

If you've already finished your application, you can have one of our admissions consultants review it. We'll examine every document and provide you with grammatical edits and strategic suggestions as well as 1x1 meetings with your consultant. With our expert advice, you can feel confident and secure before you hit the submit button!



Our consultants know what it takes to be admitted to a top university, and we work with each of our students to help get them there. But we believe there is more to the admissions process — it presents an opportunity for self-reflection & self-improvement. We advocate a holistic approach to counseling, and will get to know you, as a student and person, to create an education plan tailored to you. Whether you're entering sixth grade or starting your senior year, we empower you to reach your full potential.


Ultimately, your admission to college represents an important milestone, but we know it is just the beginning of the great things you'll do. And so, we strive to help you cultivate the skills, qualities, and knowledge you need to be successful in college, and also, far into the future. We believe in building foundations that last a lifetime.

About Us


College Student, Yale
Tim provides great guidance and advice at every step of the college process. Working with him helped me rediscover myself—what makes me special, what drives me, where I come from. I explored areas completely new to me, and I’m all the better for it. The college process is one of many crossroads; Tim helped me find a direction and path to take."

Derek C.,
Harvard '23

University Students, Johns Hopkins
I worked with Tim for all of high school. I saw myself as  Pre-Med, and he strongly supported me, helping me cultivate it with tailored recommendations. He is organized, easy-going, & wise.  As a former admission counselor, he knows  what colleges want and has a magical ability to phrase everything beautifully.  Tim was more than a counselor, but a mentor who guided me throughout high school. He helped me discover new passions, which  fundamentally reshaped my future plans.  I am forever grateful for his help and advice."

Sam C.,
UCLA '25

College Students, Harvard
What I appreciated most about Tim was that he gave me
complete freedom to embrace my creative side. He showed me that life is meant to be lived with confidence, pride, and above all, courage. At times, if I
felt lost or overwhelmed, he helped me find an empowering inner voice I didn't know I possessed. While it would have been easy to give into the pressure coming from around me, Tim helped me stay true to myself and find  greater meaning and value behind this journey I'm on."

George Y.,
USC '25

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Elite


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