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Values-driven educational consulting tailored to you & designed to help unlock your full potential. 

Comprehensive College Advising

With our comprehensive advising package, we'll walk you step-by-step through the college application process. This includes conducting a strategic review of your extracurricular and academic profile, crafting a personalized college list and timeline, and guiding you through the essay writing and interview preparation process. We believe in providing continuous personalized attention, through weekly meetings and frequent check-ins by text and email — so you can feel confident and at ease. Our consultants are experts in strategic application positioning, evocative storytelling, and the organizational tools to help keep you on track. You'll retain access to your consultant if you've been deferred, waitlisted, or decide to appeal your financial aid. Rest easy knowing we'll be with you right up until you enroll.

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Educational Counseling

It's harder than ever to gain admission to elite universities — it requires more than good grades and test scores. Let our educational consultants help you begin differentiating yourself early, long before you press submit your application. We'll help you select the right courses, plan your test prep, cultivate your interests, and maximize your summers. With our guidance, you'll develop the extracurricular and leadership profile you need to stand out in the college application process. Our consultants specialize in character development and the strategic positioning of your application, and over the course of months and years, we'll help you craft a powerful personal narrative. It's never too early to lay a solid academic foundation, so whether you're starting the fifth grade or entering high school, let us help you build the skills and qualities you need to be successful, long into the future.

Final Application Review

If you've already finished your application, don't worry! You can have one of our admissions consultants review it. We'll examine every document and provide you with detailed feedback, grammatical edits, and strategic suggestions. Your consultants will walk you through our feedback during a 1x1 meetings. This package includes full review of up to three universities. You've already done the work, so let us help you take your application to the next level and feel confident and secure before you press submit .

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