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At Altitude Education Group, we believe education represents the most important investment you'll ever make, one with the potential to last a lifetime. Admission to a top university will open a number of doors. Our consultants know what it takes to be admitted to a top university, and we work with each of our students to help get them there. But there is more to the admissions process — it presents an opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement. We advocate a holistic approach to counseling, and get to know each of our students on both an academic and personal level. We strive to empower our students to reach their full potential. So while admission to college represents an important milestone, we know it is just the beginning of a long, brilliant story. And so, we help students cultivate the skills, qualities, and knowledge they need to thrive, now, in college, and far into the future. We believe in building an educational foundation that will last a lifetime.

We were lucky to have Tim as our son’s educational advisor. We started early, three years before his high school graduation. From once a month meetings for educational planning to once a week essay reviews, Tim always gave us direct and effective answers to all of our questions about high school, college applications, extracurriculars, and resources. The three year counseling process was not only good for apply to colleges, but also helped our son improve himself, build strong learning habits, and engage more deeply - setting him up for success long into the future. Thank you Tim !"  

FeiFei & Simon, Parents


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We are committed to continuous professional development and staying current with trends in education and college admissions.

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We guide and elevate our students, empowering them to achieve incredible things for themselves.

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We unwaveringly uphold our values and integrity of the college application process. We expect the same of all of our clients.


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We strive to draw out the brilliance of our students, inspire them to see the world and themselves in a new light.

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Tim LeClair

Founder and Lead Advisor

Tim received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology & Philosophy from Williams College, and his Masters Degree in Higher Education from the University of Michigan. He has twelve years of experience in the field of admissions, working at Williams College, Brandeis University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, and most recently, as the Director of Recruitment at MIT. During this time, he personally reviewed over 15,000 essays, conducted hundreds of interviews, and travelled around the world lecturing on the selection process for American universities. He also sat on the admissions committee for the prestigious Research Science Institute (RSI) run by MIT and the Center for Educational Excellence (CEE). This admissions experience provides him vast insights into the unique requirements and cultures of universities.

Tim founded Altitude Education Group to help students of all ages access their full potential and strategically plan for top universities. Tim specializes in STEM advising, strategic application positioning, and storytelling -- working directly with students to help them compellingly present their achievements, talents, and aspirations. Ultimately, his approach focuses not only on preparing for the college application, but on cultivating skills, qualities, and experiences that will empower students for the rest of their lives. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Elite


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